Drain Cleaning in Live Oak, GA

We Provide 24-Hour Emergency Service!

Drain Cleaning in Live Oak, GA

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Do you have a drain that stubbornly will not do its job? When a plunger won’t cut it, and you turn to retail drain cleaning solutions with no luck, it is time for a thorough drain cleaning by Power Rooter Plumbing & Drain. We have extensive experience with the unique plumbing challenges of Live Oak, GA including the combination of mature trees and septic systems. 
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Emergency Plumbing & 24/7 Drain Cleaning
A plumbing emergency can look like:
  • water pooling in the yard or house.
  • several drains in your house backing up. 
  • a drop in water pressure.
  • backed up sewage.
  • septic tank problems.

No matter what time disaster strikes we will be at your service. Our trucks are loaded and ready to go with all the tools necessary to clear your drains and stop sewage from backing up into your home. 
Customer Review
“We had a major back-up which happened on a Friday at 2:00 pm. It was a holiday weekend. We called and even though Donnie had four other calls scheduled, he extended his day and came out (about fifty minutes from his last call). Donnie was professional, efficient, and really nice. After asking a few questions he located and had our problem solved in a jiffy!! Thanks so much! We highly recommend him and his service. If there were six stars he would get them!”
-D. Matchette

How to Clear a Clogged Drain

Hydrojetting is not a DIY service, so you may be looking for alternate drain cleaning methods before you call a professional. Let’s explore the pros and cons of some of the most popular options. 
  • Snaking a drain works well for small clogs that can be pulled out, but in cases of mineral or grease buildup throughout the pipe, a snake or auger simply pushes a path through a blockage. It can help and has its place, but ultimately the drain can easily and quickly clog again. 
  • Chemical drain cleaners can dissolve blockages of hair, grease, and soap scum, but as a potentially hazardous material, they come with the risk of damaged pipes, irritated skin, and harmful fumes. They also are ineffective against deep or solid clogs and roots. 
  • Boiled water can effectively dissolve grease and push it through the pipes unless the clog is far from the drain. There is also a chance for the grease to cool and solidify before it reaches the main line, which puts you in a worse position than you started because now the clog is harder to get to. 
A clog that was found during drain cleaning in Valdosta, GA
A clog that was found during drain cleaning in Valdosta, GA

What Makes Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning So Effective? 

Our hydro-jetting services effectively remedy the shortcomings of these traditional methods. 200 feet of hydro jet line deliver a stream of water with pressure up to 3500 psi. This is the most effective way to eliminate grease, tree roots, mineral deposits, hair, buildup, sludge, and more. When professionally operated, hydrojetting is safe for pipes and provides long-lasting results. 
All services may not be available in all areas, please call 386-938-1188 for more information

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Don’t wait until a drain is overflowing, call Power Rooter Plumbing & Drain at 386-938-1188 today. We serve Live Oak, GA with professional drain cleaning. We also offer excavation, septic, and water pump services in Northern Florida & Southern Georgia.